Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The passing of a well loved uncle

Receive a call yesterday from MOM in the middle of the night. Was very nervous when calls are received at these hour, it's not going to be good. My uncle, passes away suddenly. This news came as a complete surprise for me. Less than 3 months ago, he actually volunteer himself to be my wedding car chauffeur. After I received that call, my mind went blank. I feel sad, but somehow, I do not know how to express it. My mind wanders to my dad. My dad does not have many friends that he could talk to, and he is one of the closest ones who pays us a visit every now and then. I wonder in my father's current weak condition, will he be able to take this news? Can his physical body withstand the grieving? Oh Lord, please strengthen my father's faith, for everyday is a gift from You for a purpose.

May the Lord bless the soul of this uncle of mine. May the Lord be with his family in this difficult moment. May we grieve for a moment but continue to hang on to the hope that we may be reunited with him in Christ. Death is imminent but not the end for we share the eternal life that Christ has purchase for us on the cross. In Jesus most Gracious name, Amen.

Monday, November 02, 2009

My actual appreciation speech....

First of all, I would like to give thanks to God, for it is through His will and purpose that both Christine and I could meet up with each other and to be united as husband and wife. For God is an all knowing God and He knows our individual character, both strengths and weaknesses... well enough to put us together. We pray that both of us would continue to put our faith in God and to trust that all things would happen according to His perfect purpose. We have faith that His grace is sufficient for us as we embark on life challenges as husband and wife.

Our parents has spend a good 20 years of their life taking care of us and ensuring that we have the best they could provide. And they spend a further 15 years worrying about us, whether we would mix with bad company or not having a good job and finally whether we will find the right partner in our life. For all the tears and sweat that they had shed on each of us, we would want to express our heartfelt gratitude to them.

My father painted the house partially and cooked for us most of the time in preparing for the Big day

I would want to specifically mention about my mother. To me, she is a very loving and sacrificial mother. She is also a very strong woman that is able to face life challenges head on, highly motivated and persistent. I hope to have half of her determination. My mother's main priority on me, is that I will be educated and that I will grow up to be a healthy person. Which is why, even though my mother is a housewife, she will never give up any opportunity to find extra money so as to finance our extra education. Even at a young age, my mother will do everything to ensure that we take tuition(or could it be I was too dumb) and my sister, music education. She has tried selling homemade roasted peanuts, baking mooncakes, butter cakes and cookies. When our whole family moved to JB, she started to sew leather shoes. Sometimes she would do all these even till late at night. And with all the money gained, she would, without much hesitation, use it on our education or on anything that is for our own good. She is such an enterprising and purpose minded person.

My mother lovingly cleaning up the house in preparation for the Big day

I'm grateful that she forced me to study. For when I finally decided to study again in my early 20's, I know for the first time, I am studying for myself and not to please her. It was also at that time that I finally realise, with the foundation my mother has help me to build, catching up with the rest of the group wasn't an impossible task. It wasn't easy with my poor SPM result, but it was not impossible. Thanks to my mum and dad, that I am able to have such a foundation. If I had a mum that would go easy on me, that would not risk the children hating them throughout their teenage years, ....then most probably I would still be hanging around and not having any proper skill to depend on. My parents did all they could and sacrifice all they had, for both me and my sister's future.

Thirdly, I would like to thank the church and Pastor Rev. Wong. I thank them not only because they have facilitated and arranged the wedding as if I am a long time member of the congregation, but especially because of the love everyone of the church has showered on my parent. I have heard of many stories from my mother, of how the brothers and sisters of the church displayed agape love through their time and money. Every time I hear of these stories, I would feel touched to the core by the love of God, displayed through these brothers and sisters. All these makes me feel that the love of God is real and that the fellowship of Christ is alive and strong!

I wish also to express my deep gratitude to our wedding coordinator, Sis Sun Mei, the head of the ministry, brother Chong Ming, the Music team, the children who are so cute and disciplined (we are pretty worried during rehearsals...haha), the choir team, brother Peter Lee who takes the role of the official Photographer and the whole team of brothers and sisters who takes cares of everything from ushering and decorating, to serving the food. The whole church are completely mobilised for our wedding! We sincerely acknowledge the love all of you have displayed in preparing for the wedding ceremony.

We have a group of frens and brothers and sisters who had travelled all the way, some from Singapore and others from Selangor just to be with us today. We would also want to acknowledge the tremendous support given by our cell members from CBC-Kota Damansara, brothers of the cell who are always cheering me from behind and sisters who are always scheming. We hope you have as much fun as we do. Thank you for sharing the joy with us.

Relatives from both side, we thank you for your attendance and we would like to take the opportunity to apologise should there be any inconveniences or displeasure that arises during the wedding. In addition, we would like to thank Aunty Ivy for baking her delicious and renowned kuih Lapis until past midnight, bringing it across the causeway and lovingly cupping them into shapes of love on the eve of our wedding.

Lastly, we would like to thank a young woman who, despite knowing us for such a short period, has showered much time and love on us. We are grateful to God for bringing such a person into our life. It is through her continued guidance and incessant prayers during those challenging times, that our lives were being aligned again, according to God's will and purpose. Pastor Alexa, the love you have shown us, has open our eyes to see and understand that there is no boundary or limitations to God's love. And above all, you have shown us that God is not judgemental but patient. Thank you for preparing both me and Christine to be a proper husband and wife, with each other and in Christ.

We feel tremendously blessed that throughout our life, all the pastors that we encounter has been such God fearing and God loving people. This itself is a good testimony that God does indeed loves us.

Finally, we thank each and everyone for all the gifts and best wishes showered upon us. May our hearts continue to be align and close to God and may our marriage be a good testimony of God's love to us.

Thank you and God bless.

Pang Khong Lin & Christine Qwik Lee Lee

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why some people stop blogging?

Do you know blogging can sometimes be something that is sad to some people? Now why is that? There are people like me and some blogger friends who turned to the blog to write about whatever that's in our mind. It could be the current emotion, thoughts, perception of issues surrounding us and many other personal stuff which we hope to share with others. But being personal, it also means whatever we wrote would result in some reaction from other parties, and usually these other parties are someone whom we know. Which basically means, if a fren got offended, you cannot just ignore them like an anonymous visitor, neither can you leave it as it is. The same goes to our partner and even siblings.

So basically, bloggers like us always run into these dilemma. We need to write and to voice out our views and emotions. We do hope to solicit some form of response, especially from someone who knows us, but at the same time, we do not wish that whatever we wrote here come to the knowledge of certain people that is close to us......

I know a brother of mine that likes to write and expresses his feelings through blog. But now, he is waiting for his readership to dwindle to Zero, before considering writing again. My guess is that he got his fingers 'burned' from some articles which he put up some time ago. That's another dilemma for bloggers like us. I believe many of us did consider moving house (url), but if that means losing close readers or readers who knows us, that defeat the purpose too!

So the next time when some bloggers you know stopped blogging, the reason could well be that they are still searching for the courage to write what's in their mind and to face the consequences that comes. And these period of searching within ourselves and at the same time not having any outlet at all for our emotions and thoughts can be really killing...

18 days to my wedding and my current mood is - melancholy

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Can you get used to certain style of Worship Leader?

If this post reaches the eyes of my Pastor, I wonder if she would twist my ear, and twist it hard...hehe....

Anyway, there is this particular worship leader in my church, which I have problem with. Not with the person though, but the way he leads the worship. Every time he leads, I would know that it's going to be a one way street. Meaning, he will lead and will sing, but I would find it hard to follow and participate. For most of the time, I would just keep quiet and look down to the floor, hoping that there will be a song that I know and that I can participate in. I always tried very hard to let the lyrics go down into my heart, sometimes I tried too hard. I usually have no idea of the songs he chooses. And the worst of all, he likes to go solo and intentionally goes off tune. Yes, I mean intentionally. He knows the tune but chooses to goes off tune to be different. Throughout the whole worship session, we usually cannot hear our own voice, except for his. And there will be many times where we have to listen to his singing especially when he starts to sing using his own words, again and again with no lyrics whatsoever on the projector. And he is a master of repetitions...for the same chorus, he can go on and on for at least 5 times and the final few times is when he would display his art of going off tune (or pitch...donno which is which... :P )

My brother, do you mind if we be allowed to participate in the worship? Are you leading us to worship and sing praises or are you singing to us? Do you think we enjoy listening to you singing especially for most of the time, I feel that you are just shouting to us? Sigh, as much as I hate to say this, you gives me the impression of 'shiok sendiri....'

For those fuming with what I wrote, please don't go into defensive mode ler....

I know what you going to tell me -
".... if you want change then you must be the change, meaning..., participate in worship ministry lor... don't just stand there and be a commentator only... "

To that I have no response and offer no excuse. If you think I am just being fussy and difficult and that my comments are not justified... just ignore me lor... I am just saying out loud of what I think mar....not that I go and forward to every member of the church...

Sometimes, I just feel so guilt ridden for wanting the praise and worship to end quickly...

Perhaps I can check with my brother in the worship ministry so that he will inform me weekly on who the worship leader is for every coming sunday...

let me know.........., let me know................., if you think I am a terrible trouble maker for the church...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back to Hometown on June 2009

Was back to hometown for an important date. Wedding Photo Taking...!!

Weeks before the day approaches, I was having mixed feelings. No, it's not that I am afraid of getting married, but whether I should go for a diet. You see, for the past 1 month, I have been gaining weight. My weight has always been hovering around 81kg, but now it's approaching 86kg. Seriously, I am not bothered with the extra bulge at my stomach, but I am just worried that I will look fat in the photos. And 20 years from now when my children see these photos, I can't bulls... that their dad used to be super fit and muscular....

Anyway, the photo session went well. Christine has more shots than me, but the end album will have more of my photos than hers. She's not satisfied with the result of the photos, hence most of the photos selected are mine. We had some arguments while shortlisting these photos, especially on photos which I feel that she looks good but she adamantly thinks otherwise. Of course, as I have been forewarned by my brother Soni - should there be any disagreements in wedding preparation, remember to backdown and agree to all the other party opinion....hehehe.... My response is - you think that is easy to do meh?

On the next day, after church service at Vision Johor Jaya, we plan to visit sister Ivy in Kulai with sis Sun Mei (my wedding coordinator). We had some good beef noodles at Kulai before proceeding to Pontian. There were many durian stalls on our way to Pontian, but our sister Ivy insist on having only Pontian durian. While I failed to understand the difference between the durian in Pontian and from other places, I did warned her that she may not find any in Pontian itself. It's like the trip we made to Kuala Selangor during Hari Raya Haji or Korban. There were plentiful of roadside makeshift stalls selling rendang and freshly barbequed lemang. But we wanted to buy it at Kuala Selangor, hoping that it will be tastier and cheaper. But we find not a single stall upon reaching there....hehe...

Upon reaching Pontian, and as expected - durian nowhere to be seen. We spend a short time with Christine's family before proceeding to Kukup fishing village and hopefully finding some durian on the way there. The first thing that I wish to do upon reaching Kukup is to find the primary school that is build on stilts. This is so that I can visit the toilet and relive a decade old experience of pissing to the sea! But alas, the school were locked. On the other hand, sister Ivy is enquiring every shop by the road for Coconut Jelly. Now, what is coconut jelly? and why in Kukup? It seems that Coconut jelly is the new in-thing nowadays. And for more than 10 stalls which we asked, most of them run out of stock.

We went back to Pontian late evening and on the way, stop by the roadside to have durian. The durian is cheap and we have a great time eating on the spot. Sis Ivy actually gave us a tip on how to remove the durian adour from our hands after eating. It seems that it can be effectively removed by running waters through the outer shells and cleaning our hands with these waters!!

okay, I have to admit that the smells is indeed not there.....but I just can't verify if the smell is still there without having waters running through the shells....

we finally reached Pontian around 8pm and we proceed to the hawker center. The must have item for the trip is Satay BABI!!! Yes, this is the typical satay which we are familiar of, but with pork! And they taste heavenly! Of course there are others tasty hawker food but the star is still and definately Satay Babi!

FYI, Pontian is also famous for the Pontian Wanton Mee which are only available in the afternoon and early evening.

Some shots which we have taken....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

4 months didn't blog...how? how?

A total of 4 months. That was the last time I have blogged. So much to report but so little time. But let's keep it simple and quick.

  • I am fine.
  • I am in the process of preparing for my Big Big day in this coming October
  • My work sucks. I think I am going through a crisis at workplace. There seems to be no more urgency to complete the projects at hand.
  • More tiles are rising up in different section of my rented flat
  • I will be baptise soon
  • I have not been reading the Bible as much as I want
  • I am blessed with home cooked food for more than a month now
  • I have not been washing my car for ages
  • I missed blogging
will be adding others soon.....

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Paragraph that bothers me....

Was attending sermon last Sunday in CBC. The content wasn't that engaging, although it was good enough for me not to fall asleep. But there is one verse (or section) that caught my attention and troubles me for the whole week -

3:1 But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. 2 For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, 4 treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people. 6 For among them are those who creep into households and capture weak women, burdened with sins and led astray by various passions, 7 always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth. 8 Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these men also oppose the truth, men corrupted in mind and disqualified regarding the faith. 9 But they will not get very far, for their folly will be plain to all, as was that of those two men.
2 Timothy 3:1-9

Ask my good brother Berto (a Bible expert although he could be sleeping through most of the time) on what the verse is trying to say and the context. But seriously, whatever the context and the interpretations, doesn't really take away the 'fear' and 'troubles' within me.

It seems to me the paragraph describes a person that is so much like me. It seems this verse is directed to me by God. It troubles me greatly that there is a small voice within me that keep yelling at me...telling me that I am exactly that kind of person as described.

  • " .... having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power.."
I do have the appearance of being godly, let see. Everyone around me know that I am a Christian. I say grace during meal. I attend church weekly. I am not ashame in telling people about God. I take painful care about projecting a Godly image and behaviour, with the hope that people will take notice and perhaps one day, they will open up and I will get the opportunity to share the Gospel. The fact that all these efforts are painfully 'orchestrated' and projected does bothers me. I am confused whether these behaviour are the outward flow of the inward faith OR am I trying to coverup what is lacking internally through the external projections of faith?

Why would I suspect the latter to be the case? Simple, there are many times where I just don't believe God will intervene. These occasions of disbelieve usually occurs during prayer time at the church or cell. So tell me, isn't this considered as - "denying its power"...?

Sad and worried.

  • "... always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.."

Yes, I read books. I could stay at Borders and read books at the Religion section for hours. I am seriously attracted to apologetics although I can be lazy at times. I am very much a beginner but I have never let go of opportunity to learn more. But there are many times where I felt that as much as I have gain in knowledge, my wisdom (if you could measure that..) has barely rise a mil (mil - millions of an inch). By the way, if any of you reading there would like to buy or lend me this Book, I would appreciate greatly, whoa hahaha.....

sigh, it will take some time before the above para slowly fades away from my mind. In the meantime, these two verse will constantly hovers around my head ....

Friday, December 26, 2008

Another eventful day...

I know something is wrong with me, but just don't know where .... Was it some questions unanswered of the spiritual nature? Was it some physical condition that causes these pre-depression feeling? Was it emotional disturbance? Was it physiological condition? Was it some physical/emotional desires that are not met? The last thing I want to do is to confused myself and address the symptoms rather than the cause.

Whatever, I do hope that comes tomorrow things should start to look better as I will be driving home to Johor to have a well deserved rest. Away from work, from people over here, from the church, from the cell and from people who have certain expectations from you.

The day starts in an eventful manner when I attempted to withdraw money from the Maybank ATM. Guess what, the machine due to some mechanical fault fail to eject my ATM card. So me standing there, no money, a nearly empty petrol tank and without my ATM card. Sigh, got to drive to office and borrow from my colleague. Once in the office, I notice one thing, I forgot my laptop! Well, another drive back to where I stay, and I was lucky that the traffic condition is perfect! As the Good book said, In all situation, whether good or bad - Praise God!

Come afternoon, I went to the said bank to attempt to collect my card from the Bank staff. To cut the story short, I was given a summon for parking indiscriminately. Well, I deserved it of course, what else can I say? There goes another RM70. But then again, where can one park in Puchong Jaya? That place is seriously jammed packed!

Somehow, I think there will be more things that will happen. Maybe I should say a prayer to prepare myself. God is indeed testing my patience and the way I respond to things that happen to me...sigh....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Body still not at 100%

Sigh, it's an hour away before Christmas. I still can feel that I have yet to fully recover from the flu and fever. While flu and fever are common experience (who never suffer from it before occasionally..?), somehow the flu and fever that I experience this time seems a bit different. For example, the fever never really subsided until the 4th day after medication. Another factor is the high temperature of my fever. A few weeks before the fever, i have plenty of phlegm that mixes with fresh blood. That goes on for a few days. Every now and then, I still find some dried blood inside my nostrils. Around those time too, I have such severe body/back ache that I have to take leave to stay at home.

Is my body too 'heaty'? What is wrong with me? Is my hyperthyroidism coming back?

Whatever it is, the time has come to take good care of my body. I should seriously limit the amount of fried stuff that I consume, banana leaf rice, junk food and other heaty food like chocolates. I cannot afford another episode like last time where I lost everything just because of my over confidence and ignorance.

By the way, my car now is in the Perodua workshop after ramming into a D'Kayu restaurant lorry near my house. Whose fault it is? well...let just say that I drive at a slightly higher speed on that day and that Indian driver didn't stop at the 'T' junction. What an eventful week....

What Christmas means to me - 2008

I always have mixed feelings whenever the end of the year approaches. This year is no different. For most of the years, past Christmas had most been a period of quite and peaceful time for me and my family. We're either in the church or in the house, updating one another, saying hi, spending quite moments with families and yes, resting. While it may seems boring to spend Christmas in such a way, it was meaningful to me.

I have a slightly different feeling this coming Christmas. The year has been busy. The cell group has been busy. Life just seems to be hectic with so many things to do and functions to attend to. So many errands and task to complete. And I am still recovering from a flu and fever. I feel like shouting - Can I have a quite Christmas and not having to rush here and there to complete task and errands? Can I find some rest and peace?

Kind of dissapointed that there will not be a Christmas service at CBC. Maybe will check out KL Wesley. One thing great about attending KL Wesley service is that you can feel the togetherness and peacefulness of the service there. They allow you to quite down, to say a small prayer and somehow I could just find time intervals for contemplation. I usually leave KL Wesley with a serene and peaceful heart everytime I worship there.

Of course, there are more to Christmas than to rest and have a 'peaceful' lazy time.

It's a celebration of Hope and Gladness. It is a reminder of the birth of our Lord in the most humble manner. The good thing about blogging is that it will help you to focus and arrange your thoughts, which then allows me to see things from a much better(wiser?) perspective.

Blessed Christmas to all and May the peace of Jesus Christ be with all ....

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Apa dia? Yahudi mahu orang Islam jadi Kafir?

This post is in response to the posting -

Yahudi mahu orang Islam jadi Kafir

Commenting was disabled for reasons known only to the owner. Maybe he is just not able to engage those who have different thoughts about this issue. But my first question will be, why include Malaysiakini in the Tags? Isn't this a shameful way of making use of Malaysiakini to gain traffic especially when the post has nothing to do with Malaysiakini? Kind of smart in spreading hate, don't you?

Updates 16.51
sigh....Very clever, Mr. Nik or Joe. You close your comment section in the morning of 2nd December 2008. I was still typing my comment when you did just that. Nevertheless, you maintain the post until around 16.30 before deleting the post. Nik, can I consider that act of cowardice? If you think you are wrong and cannot backup your own posting, then by all means apologise lor....why take off the article? No one is going to ISA you lar...
Next time, think thrice before spreading hate...and be a man to own up to your mistakes. To read the full article in Harakah - Click HERE


My comment....

My goodness, is this the writing of Hadi Awang, the president of Pas? If indeed it is, then my view of him as a close minded, bigoted and racist person has gain another bigger foothole. To criticise the Jews and christians to uphold Islam is stupidity. To say Islam is true by justifying the falseness of other Abrahamic religion is typical of Islamist like him....sigh,.....can't you all just grow up?

Islam existed half a century after Christianity. While Judaism much much earlier than that. As such, to say that the Jews refused to follow Islam is utter silly, knowing the fact that Islam does not exist in the first place. To say that all the Daud, Daniel, Musa and Nabi Nor as muslims shows so much ignorance in the part of Islamist.

While Judaism is strictly for Jews, Christianity and Islam practice no exclusitivity. Al-Quran is based on Taurat and Injil, that's for sure. And all of your (our) prophet (except for Muhd. ) are Jews and to say that the Jews are the problem of this world and inherently evil is terribly childish. It like saying the Malay are poor and needed NEP just because the Chinese are rich. You guys need some punching bag to cover your own weakness, don't you?

God choose Jews to demonstate his will on his people. Why Jews? Is it because they are more evil? Does God make some people more evil?

IF IT IS, then who shall be responsible for it? The created or the creator?

If it is NOT, then why should you be the judge to condemn them as evil?

Some people just cannot differentiate the state and government of Israel, with the Jews as a race and the Kingdom of Zion in the Holy books.

Aren't all of us the decendants of Adam and Eve? For God sake, think and read your quran intelligently. Don't let people like Hadi Awang brainwash you into hating other people. God don't hate humans, He loves us, whether you are Jews, Malays, Chinese or Orang Asli! Whatever sins the Jews committed, we could have commit as well. The Jews are merely God chosen ones to be example to us, both bad and the good ones.


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mersing Trip - October 2008

I made this trip without the knowledge of my parents. Maybe you think it's not proper not to let them know. But my sixth sense tells me that certain things need to be done quietly. There is no need to make a hoo-ha about it. Not that my parents would stop me from making the trip... but maybe I just don't want to make them worry. Yea, the roads from Kluang to Mersing can be dangerous for drivers that does not have enough rest, patience and experience driving on narrow winding roads.

Will update further on the happenings and highlight of the trip. At this moment of time, let me say that my eyes welled up when I saw her upon reaching Mersing... sigh...I have been crying for quite a number of times within a short span of roughly 3 months over different issues than for the last 10 years in total!!!

Working Condition

Have been busy lately. No time to have proper rest, no time to read, no time to relax and no time to write. Many things to blog about, but just no time to do so and not in the right mood either. I wonder why? But as I see that there have been fewer and fewer readers to my blog, I think I better to something about it....whoa haha...

The first to go is the adult site warning, while the second is the sticky post. Some people just see the latest post and assume that I am not updating....But then again, I am indeed not updating...lol!!!

Anyway, below are some picture I took while we're working for some water treatment project in a factory in Kinrara. The working condition was not good and the working hour is long, and extend to weekends. The boss is barking like a dog whenever he is here and we are terribly demoralised. But one thing good about it is that as the gap increases between the employed and the employer, the camaderie between the employed strenghtens... at least now we have something common....whoa hahaa......

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wisdom Bookstore, a place to be in busy KL

Would like to promote this bookstore for Christian Book and paraphernalia lover in KL. Sandwiched between the ever busy Jalan Petaling (China Town) and Jalan Sultan Ismail, neighbouring the ever congested Pudu Raya bus station is a quite and peaceful road named Jalan Stadium. It is surprising that this area is extremely quite and peaceful, considering the amount of activities that are going on around the place. There are plenty of churches around the area, Full Gospel, Chinese (Hokkien) Methodist Church and Wesley Methodist Church. And smacked in the middle of these churches is Wisdom Book Store. The owner of this bookstore is Rev. Ezra Lok. We have met him for a few times and have called up on him occasionally. His friendliness is infectious, and by just visiting the store itself is enough a reward. He will chat us up with his perfect Chinese (and I suspect English) and he even guide and encourage us on our spiritual journey.

But one thing about this trip was that he told us he may not be around anymore come next year. Age is catching up on him. This remark did give me a chill, especially when another well loved elder (my grandfather) went home to the Lord recently. My guess is that he is in his 70's but yet, he is still actively giving sermon around Selangor.

sigh.....let's make it a point to give him a call every now and then.

I bought a bilingual bible for my gf that cost me RM80++, a prayer guide and a Bahasa Indonesia Bible. My personal opinion was that Bible here cost less, but the pricing of CD's is more or less the same with those in Salvation and Canaanland.

While I was busy clicking away with my camera, Rev. Ezra actually passed his sermon notes to my gf for reading purposes. Well, it was a pity that only my gf is able to read it but nevertheless we are the first person to read the sermon notes, well before it is being preached at a Methodist church in Sekinchan the next day. Isn't that great?!

Not enough with the sermon notes, we were given a book, foc. It was a book, not a newsletter mind you.

God bless Rev. Ezra Lok and the work he is doing for the Lord.

p/s - Wisdom Book store will be moving back to the original Methodist building by the end of the year. Do pay a visit there and consider getting books from there. I can assure you that there are many books that you will not be able to find in Salvation, Evangel, Gladsounds, People's Bookstore and Pustaka Sufes.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The passing away of my 'great' grandfather

Exactly a year ago when we quietly visited my grandfather in Mersing, he is still healthy and strong. Although he is diagnosed with liver cancer then, he is still very positive with his life. That shows how strong is his faith in the Lord. The passing away of him, while does not come as a surprised, does shock me to a certain degree. I love him dearly, but just couldn't understand why I wasn't particularly sad. I shed not a single drop of tear throughout the whole proceedings, sigh...

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sorry folks! I am back...(shiok sendiri...as if I have many readers)

Sigh... Have not been updating my blog for so long. I have always believe, the moment I start blogging, I am basically back to normal - emotionally and mentally that is. Many things had happened to me, my gf and my family during these difficult 2 months. It was indeed an eventful period of my life, where there were plenty of tears, laughter, heartache, emotional roller coaster and at the same time gladness.

I am glad that I started blogging again. At the very least, I could write in my blog what I do not wish to mention to others. It is through my blog where I could write, discuss, criticise and rant without any sort of restrictions whatsoever. I find this extremely therapeutic. It helps me to arrange my line of thoughts in a better way, and allow me to see things in a more objective manner. Yes, yes, I know some of you would like to suggest me to pray instead of write. But come on, can't I write first before I pray? Sometimes my mind is so mess up that I don't even know how to begin praying. And even when I pray, by the time I say Amen!, I would have forgotten some of the things which I have prayed during the minute long prayer!

Previously, I have always forwarded my blog address to cell members and friends and I think that was a grave grave mistake. Hopefully, most of them would have now forgotten about me having a blog.

But if you know me personally and you are reading my blog, please respect my privacy and treat me as KaKiaYam. You are still welcome to comment, but I don't expect you to spread what I am writing here to others. You can engage me and have arguments, but all these must only take place in this blog and not outside of it. Unless I am the one who start talking about it. If you are not alright with this arrangement, stop visiting my blog, start one of your own. I hope that does not sound arrogant, but I consider this the last bastion of my privacy, if you get what I mean.

Shit, even as I am writing this, I have already start regretting it. But like I said, this is a place where I think and write ALOUD. I may be sorry for what I have said, but I would not regret it. Can someone regret about what he said or did? What's the point and purpose of regretting anyway?.... as if things would be different. I would rather be sorry than to regret of things past.

So make your decision. What you read may probably be UNpleasant but it is at least an honest view of things. My point of view, that is. Everyone is a hypocrite to a certain level, but I will try to be damn honest in this blog. The only problem is whether you can accept and accommodate that. If you find you cannot do so, then just stop visiting this blog. Don't even attempt to tolerate my writing, cause you will end up bursting and confront me of what I wrote.

Is this warning fair enough?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Life Revolution, World Vision

Sivin Kit invited me in the Face Book to the event below -

The event is now over. But I believe it will come to KL again next year. To know more of the event, check out the WEBSITE.

I am always curious of what World Vision does. But no harm paying a visit just to get to know. I am always interested with social work, although up till now I still fear the commitment and the tireless work that comes with it. I hope I won't waste to much of my precious time dilly dallying on whether to contribute to the society. If I am sincere of doing something good and meaningful, then by all means do so.

Anyway, went there straight after the Sunday service at Community Baptist Church. Had banana leaf with cell members. As usual, none of them are interested in joining me to event like these. The exhibition is held at DUMC and this is the first time that I visited the church since they moved from their original location from the unused old cinema to a spanking new building at Section 13. The place is big, and I mean real big. With a huge auditorium and two basket ball court. And they even have a huge warehouse at the back, fully equiped with mist sprayer and a canteen. DUMC is easily the largest church within the state of Selangor.

Anyway, back to the exhibition. We are fitted with an ear phone (like those in MPH or Borders) and attached with a MP3 player. Each of the participants are suppose to spend about 20 minutes in the maze which are divided into different stages and we are suppose to move on the different stages according to the instruction given in the MP3 player. There are stories from 3 different countries, which involves 3 different personalities. The way these stories were narrated helps us to delve deep into the life of these 3 individuals. My gf follow the Malaysian AIDS story while I follow the story of a girl sold into prostitution at the age of 14 in Cambodia. The props, the rooms are so real that it strikes fear and sympathy in me.

If you have teenage children or frens, this event is a must. It will help tremendously in educating them. In fact, my eyes were opened with the discrimination suffers by these people. We were not allowed to take any photos and although no one is enforcing this rule, I choose to respect this requirement.

Flat Unit collapsing....

or so I thought... I started to hear consistent cracking sounds in my PKNS flat unit 2 weeks back. Once in a while there are occasional cracking sounds here and there and I usually ignore it. But this time, the cracking sound continue for the whole night. The next day, it got worst to the extent that the unit exactly underneath ours pay us a visit, trying to find out what exactly is happening.

As the cracking sound continues, we started to fear that the unit is actually on the verge of collapsing. No one knows how to deal with it and both families, choose to escape to the ground floor to avoid any untoward incident.

We called the PKNS and as usual, their efficiency is that of a snail. As we return to our unit, we notice that the TV that is located in the middle of the living room started to move. We run out of our house and do not dare to enter into it again, until a few hours later when the siput babi PKNS staff came to visit. He confirm that it was the mosaic and not the cement. By now, it is evident that the mosaic has risen up like a pimple. The diameter of the raised mosaic is around 5 feet. The peak raised mosaic reaches about 5cm from the cement. What I don't understand is the reason for the raised mosaic. What force causes it to raise up to that level? It is definitely the tiles that expanded, but why is it expending so much faster than the cement?

Friday, July 04, 2008

Star Village Western food

Politics, who cares about politics nowadays? Too many twist and turns, screw and unscrew, front and back, better invest the little time I have into more productive works that would really and truly make the world a better place. For example trying new eateries like the one below lol, Star Village Western Food -The decoration looks cheap, but it seems ok, who cares about the decoration anyway...I am a food lover, don't quite give a damn to the decoration...

Whenever I have western food, comparison is always made against F1. So far, no one is able to beat the varieties they (F1) have, the service level and the attention the cook put in, in preparing the food. So they have become a benchmark to me.

One of the best way to test the quality of food is to order the cheapest and most basic dishes they offer. For example, to test a dimsum shop if the are good, just order siew mai, char siew pau and lo mai kei. And if they failed even at those basic ones, well, sayonara, ....no more next time liao, and hope you close down soon.

(actually, that was just an excuse. I am just being stingy !!)

Anyway, here comes our food....
Blackpepper Chicken chop (6 out of 10)

Fish and Chip ( 9 out of 10)

Overall, the food and drinks are acceptable, will visit again. As for the pricing, while we would not say it is cheap, it will be great if they could maintain the price for the next 2 years. Expect this restaurant to have good business in the future (considering the fact that they are the only restaurant offering western food in KD) if they maintain the service level and price.