Monday, November 02, 2009

My actual appreciation speech....

First of all, I would like to give thanks to God, for it is through His will and purpose that both Christine and I could meet up with each other and to be united as husband and wife. For God is an all knowing God and He knows our individual character, both strengths and weaknesses... well enough to put us together. We pray that both of us would continue to put our faith in God and to trust that all things would happen according to His perfect purpose. We have faith that His grace is sufficient for us as we embark on life challenges as husband and wife.

Our parents has spend a good 20 years of their life taking care of us and ensuring that we have the best they could provide. And they spend a further 15 years worrying about us, whether we would mix with bad company or not having a good job and finally whether we will find the right partner in our life. For all the tears and sweat that they had shed on each of us, we would want to express our heartfelt gratitude to them.

My father painted the house partially and cooked for us most of the time in preparing for the Big day

I would want to specifically mention about my mother. To me, she is a very loving and sacrificial mother. She is also a very strong woman that is able to face life challenges head on, highly motivated and persistent. I hope to have half of her determination. My mother's main priority on me, is that I will be educated and that I will grow up to be a healthy person. Which is why, even though my mother is a housewife, she will never give up any opportunity to find extra money so as to finance our extra education. Even at a young age, my mother will do everything to ensure that we take tuition(or could it be I was too dumb) and my sister, music education. She has tried selling homemade roasted peanuts, baking mooncakes, butter cakes and cookies. When our whole family moved to JB, she started to sew leather shoes. Sometimes she would do all these even till late at night. And with all the money gained, she would, without much hesitation, use it on our education or on anything that is for our own good. She is such an enterprising and purpose minded person.

My mother lovingly cleaning up the house in preparation for the Big day

I'm grateful that she forced me to study. For when I finally decided to study again in my early 20's, I know for the first time, I am studying for myself and not to please her. It was also at that time that I finally realise, with the foundation my mother has help me to build, catching up with the rest of the group wasn't an impossible task. It wasn't easy with my poor SPM result, but it was not impossible. Thanks to my mum and dad, that I am able to have such a foundation. If I had a mum that would go easy on me, that would not risk the children hating them throughout their teenage years, ....then most probably I would still be hanging around and not having any proper skill to depend on. My parents did all they could and sacrifice all they had, for both me and my sister's future.

Thirdly, I would like to thank the church and Pastor Rev. Wong. I thank them not only because they have facilitated and arranged the wedding as if I am a long time member of the congregation, but especially because of the love everyone of the church has showered on my parent. I have heard of many stories from my mother, of how the brothers and sisters of the church displayed agape love through their time and money. Every time I hear of these stories, I would feel touched to the core by the love of God, displayed through these brothers and sisters. All these makes me feel that the love of God is real and that the fellowship of Christ is alive and strong!

I wish also to express my deep gratitude to our wedding coordinator, Sis Sun Mei, the head of the ministry, brother Chong Ming, the Music team, the children who are so cute and disciplined (we are pretty worried during rehearsals...haha), the choir team, brother Peter Lee who takes the role of the official Photographer and the whole team of brothers and sisters who takes cares of everything from ushering and decorating, to serving the food. The whole church are completely mobilised for our wedding! We sincerely acknowledge the love all of you have displayed in preparing for the wedding ceremony.

We have a group of frens and brothers and sisters who had travelled all the way, some from Singapore and others from Selangor just to be with us today. We would also want to acknowledge the tremendous support given by our cell members from CBC-Kota Damansara, brothers of the cell who are always cheering me from behind and sisters who are always scheming. We hope you have as much fun as we do. Thank you for sharing the joy with us.

Relatives from both side, we thank you for your attendance and we would like to take the opportunity to apologise should there be any inconveniences or displeasure that arises during the wedding. In addition, we would like to thank Aunty Ivy for baking her delicious and renowned kuih Lapis until past midnight, bringing it across the causeway and lovingly cupping them into shapes of love on the eve of our wedding.

Lastly, we would like to thank a young woman who, despite knowing us for such a short period, has showered much time and love on us. We are grateful to God for bringing such a person into our life. It is through her continued guidance and incessant prayers during those challenging times, that our lives were being aligned again, according to God's will and purpose. Pastor Alexa, the love you have shown us, has open our eyes to see and understand that there is no boundary or limitations to God's love. And above all, you have shown us that God is not judgemental but patient. Thank you for preparing both me and Christine to be a proper husband and wife, with each other and in Christ.

We feel tremendously blessed that throughout our life, all the pastors that we encounter has been such God fearing and God loving people. This itself is a good testimony that God does indeed loves us.

Finally, we thank each and everyone for all the gifts and best wishes showered upon us. May our hearts continue to be align and close to God and may our marriage be a good testimony of God's love to us.

Thank you and God bless.

Pang Khong Lin & Christine Qwik Lee Lee

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Mahira Morrison said...

i like ur nick..hehe.. kinda odd at first reading ur comments at tunku halim's..ingatkan u one confused matsaleh until im here..hehehe..proud that ure one funny malaysian..hehe..kakiayam..hmmm..hehehe

Hedonese said...

Congratulations bro!! i share ur joy