Monday, February 26, 2007

Chinese New Year

Today is the second day of Chinese New Year. Let see how I spend my days since I return to JB.

Arrival Day
We reached JB at around 3 something. Not that tired, but OK. Did I mentioned that I nearly finished a large pack of crackers during the whole period of travelling? Upon reaching home, did some cleaning work and last minute shopping.

New Year's eve
Help out in the Kitchen. My first and second aunt is coming for a reunion dinner. But still I managed to steal an hour in the afternoon for a one to one ping pong session with Sister mei ling at Vision Church. It's been many many years since I played. We played for 10 sets and I lost all save one....whoa haha! Lucky seven. But it was a good game. By the way, my left hip and tricep are still aching from the ping pong session.
Anyway, it was a good reunion dinner with plenty of jokes and snide remarks. I don't expect anything less...from the Chai's sisters....hehe...
But all these emotional heated debates aside, I pray that the Lord will be with each and every one of them to comfort and guide them all the time.

Prior to the start of dinner, we say grace together with my mother leading. Wow, my mother can pray! Praise the Lord! I guess, a good indication of a healthy grow in faith is in the ability to pray and talk to God. Next year, may I lead?

We finished our reunion dinner pretty early in the evening, and decided to visit Sister Mei Ling family (another Chai's family haha...but not as firebrand as my aunties) They were having a family worship session and we were lucky to participate on the last song and closing prayer. It was one the the most meaningful worship that I had for a long time....

First day of CNY
Attended a praise and worship at Vision church. Not many people attended and would like to add that the sermon too was uninspiring. I know, I know, it's the message, not the manner it is presented. But still, I feel that the sermon was shooting everywhere and nowhere. Don't wish to comment further...

Prepares for visit by relatives and neighbours in the afternoon. Uncle Teoh visited us, followed by another antie from Molek. Had a steamboat dinner at Molek in the late evening.

Second day of CNY
Travelled back to Mersing to visit the Grand old Master Chai... The father of all the Chai's firebrand sisters....whoa haha! Throughout the journey, it's sad to see how all the forest are cleared to make way for palm tree. Some people still thinks that palm oil is the best alternative to fossil fuel, but some people begs to more in this article...

My grandfather had lost quite a bit of weight and most of us are worried. I gave him a hug (always wanted to do that) and promised to visit him again before the next CNY. I think it is a terrible lack of love if I were to see them only once in a year and that for only a few hours. I hope to visit them again, hopefully where Monday is a Public holiday. Then I can stay overnight and attend the Sunday worship together.

Third Day of CNY
We went to my Second aunt place at Skudai(or issit Tmn. University???). As usual, the moment the Chai's firebrand sisters meet up, there will be fireworks....haha...We didn't spend much time over there, since my gf will be visiting us in the afternoon. Although it was only for a short period, I managed to have some fun with some modern spin top (gasing) which Michelle collected. I even broke one of the spinner. I promised to get one back for her...

I treated my gf family to a hot meal of KFC, well, it was really hot as the aircond doesn't seems to be working well. Anyway, it was quite embarrassing, cause we should have treated them with more decent food...but what to do,... none of the shops are open..

Fourth day of CNY

We should be getting some rest today. During breakfast we talk about doctors. I mentioned about the discussion I had with one of my gf relative. Both he and me are sufferers of hyperthyroidism. And both of us have been temporary paralysed due to this illness. And coincidentally, both of us consult the same doctor in Johor Specialist Hospital. And both of us have the same conclusion, that Dr.X is not a capable doctor. (....and so are many many doctors out there...! )

My parents then shared with me several cases of a doctor in Johor Jaya. And based on their comments, I have a sudden urge to set up a blog to document all these cases of abuse. Abuse that are not due to accidents or negligence, but driven by pure greed, ignorance and skyhigh ego!

I pray that the Lord will grant me the strength, perseverance to pursue this mini project and that it may provide accurate, reliable and useful information to all. Let this project be driven by love to the victims and not hate to the perpretator.

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