Monday, February 26, 2007

High Blood Pressure!

Have not been feeling well these few days. Both side of my shoulders are aching badly. And I have limited movement with my neck too. I have measured my blood pressure and it recorded a high of 140++.

Well, it must be the hectic schedule these past few days of Chinese New Year. Plenty of food, cookies, and with very little rest. In addition, my parents sleeps in air conditioned room, which I am not accustomed to. This means I have very little sleep.

More often than not, Chinese New Year is actually more work than rest for me. People always takes the opportunity to rest during this period, but for my case, I will have to help out my parents at home and ferry them around for visitations. Having said that, I enjoyed every moment I spent with them and to know the latest update(read gossip) of close relatives. Some are doing pretty well, some are doing well unexpectedly, and some are just ....ehem....

My shoulder still pains....any solutions? Yoko Yoko only helps for a short period, massage actually makes it worse.

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