Sunday, April 22, 2007

Old frens

Meet up with some really old frens last week. Both Chai Leng and Ah Long, came over for a short stay and we meet them up in Cheras. Finally, I have the oppurtunity to treat Ah Long after so many years stepping into the working world.

Chai Leng is my old classmate back in Adorna, Penang. I have spent a memorable two years in Sungai Bakap. Throughout the period over there, they are the ones that really makes my stay bearable. Without them, perhaps, I would have gone mad from loneliness. Although most of the students there stay in campus, often they would travel back to Penang island or Butterworth during weekend. And I have the whole campus by myself, yes the whole 3 storey campus by myself. I can even hear my own breath at night!

Chai Leng is still the same, funny and witty, a real pleasure to be with as always. Although he sounded real serious and down on the phone prior to the meetup, thank God, he is still the same happy kid from Kampung Jawi. Keep it up Chai Leng!! It's good to know that he's doing well in Singapore. His life journey itself is a wonderful example of what a person can achieve with determination and perseverance.

Ah Long is still as gentleman as always, and he actually looks younger these days. We used to hang around Ah Long house and he would treat us to lunch dinner and what not. Extremely generous and easy going. Thank God for the oppurtunity to know frens like these.

The time we had together was short but memorable. We had some wacky laughs and some serious conversation too!

To Chai Leng and Ah Long, thanks for dropping by, and I look forward to meeting with you guys again in Penang soon. Till then, God bless.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know you valued us so much as old friends. I really touched by what you wrote here. Thanks for saying all these. You make me feel special even though i am not.

Chai Leng