Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What Christmas means to me - 2008

I always have mixed feelings whenever the end of the year approaches. This year is no different. For most of the years, past Christmas had most been a period of quite and peaceful time for me and my family. We're either in the church or in the house, updating one another, saying hi, spending quite moments with families and yes, resting. While it may seems boring to spend Christmas in such a way, it was meaningful to me.

I have a slightly different feeling this coming Christmas. The year has been busy. The cell group has been busy. Life just seems to be hectic with so many things to do and functions to attend to. So many errands and task to complete. And I am still recovering from a flu and fever. I feel like shouting - Can I have a quite Christmas and not having to rush here and there to complete task and errands? Can I find some rest and peace?

Kind of dissapointed that there will not be a Christmas service at CBC. Maybe will check out KL Wesley. One thing great about attending KL Wesley service is that you can feel the togetherness and peacefulness of the service there. They allow you to quite down, to say a small prayer and somehow I could just find time intervals for contemplation. I usually leave KL Wesley with a serene and peaceful heart everytime I worship there.

Of course, there are more to Christmas than to rest and have a 'peaceful' lazy time.

It's a celebration of Hope and Gladness. It is a reminder of the birth of our Lord in the most humble manner. The good thing about blogging is that it will help you to focus and arrange your thoughts, which then allows me to see things from a much better(wiser?) perspective.

Blessed Christmas to all and May the peace of Jesus Christ be with all ....

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Lisalicious said...

Hi, Merry Christmas :)

Happy New Year to you too