Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sorry folks! I am back...(shiok if I have many readers)

Sigh... Have not been updating my blog for so long. I have always believe, the moment I start blogging, I am basically back to normal - emotionally and mentally that is. Many things had happened to me, my gf and my family during these difficult 2 months. It was indeed an eventful period of my life, where there were plenty of tears, laughter, heartache, emotional roller coaster and at the same time gladness.

I am glad that I started blogging again. At the very least, I could write in my blog what I do not wish to mention to others. It is through my blog where I could write, discuss, criticise and rant without any sort of restrictions whatsoever. I find this extremely therapeutic. It helps me to arrange my line of thoughts in a better way, and allow me to see things in a more objective manner. Yes, yes, I know some of you would like to suggest me to pray instead of write. But come on, can't I write first before I pray? Sometimes my mind is so mess up that I don't even know how to begin praying. And even when I pray, by the time I say Amen!, I would have forgotten some of the things which I have prayed during the minute long prayer!

Previously, I have always forwarded my blog address to cell members and friends and I think that was a grave grave mistake. Hopefully, most of them would have now forgotten about me having a blog.

But if you know me personally and you are reading my blog, please respect my privacy and treat me as KaKiaYam. You are still welcome to comment, but I don't expect you to spread what I am writing here to others. You can engage me and have arguments, but all these must only take place in this blog and not outside of it. Unless I am the one who start talking about it. If you are not alright with this arrangement, stop visiting my blog, start one of your own. I hope that does not sound arrogant, but I consider this the last bastion of my privacy, if you get what I mean.

Shit, even as I am writing this, I have already start regretting it. But like I said, this is a place where I think and write ALOUD. I may be sorry for what I have said, but I would not regret it. Can someone regret about what he said or did? What's the point and purpose of regretting anyway?.... as if things would be different. I would rather be sorry than to regret of things past.

So make your decision. What you read may probably be UNpleasant but it is at least an honest view of things. My point of view, that is. Everyone is a hypocrite to a certain level, but I will try to be damn honest in this blog. The only problem is whether you can accept and accommodate that. If you find you cannot do so, then just stop visiting this blog. Don't even attempt to tolerate my writing, cause you will end up bursting and confront me of what I wrote.

Is this warning fair enough?

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The Hedonese said...

Welcome back bro! ;) Wanna check out the 'marriage in the 21st century' seminar?

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

where to get details ler....

need to pay or not...sorry ar...these days very kiam siap already...hehe

but since it is a marriage seminar, then i am willing to pay...good things don't come free...whoa hahaha..

myop101 said...

sorry bro...didn't come to your blog for some time...