Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wisdom Bookstore, a place to be in busy KL

Would like to promote this bookstore for Christian Book and paraphernalia lover in KL. Sandwiched between the ever busy Jalan Petaling (China Town) and Jalan Sultan Ismail, neighbouring the ever congested Pudu Raya bus station is a quite and peaceful road named Jalan Stadium. It is surprising that this area is extremely quite and peaceful, considering the amount of activities that are going on around the place. There are plenty of churches around the area, Full Gospel, Chinese (Hokkien) Methodist Church and Wesley Methodist Church. And smacked in the middle of these churches is Wisdom Book Store. The owner of this bookstore is Rev. Ezra Lok. We have met him for a few times and have called up on him occasionally. His friendliness is infectious, and by just visiting the store itself is enough a reward. He will chat us up with his perfect Chinese (and I suspect English) and he even guide and encourage us on our spiritual journey.

But one thing about this trip was that he told us he may not be around anymore come next year. Age is catching up on him. This remark did give me a chill, especially when another well loved elder (my grandfather) went home to the Lord recently. My guess is that he is in his 70's but yet, he is still actively giving sermon around Selangor.

sigh.....let's make it a point to give him a call every now and then.

I bought a bilingual bible for my gf that cost me RM80++, a prayer guide and a Bahasa Indonesia Bible. My personal opinion was that Bible here cost less, but the pricing of CD's is more or less the same with those in Salvation and Canaanland.

While I was busy clicking away with my camera, Rev. Ezra actually passed his sermon notes to my gf for reading purposes. Well, it was a pity that only my gf is able to read it but nevertheless we are the first person to read the sermon notes, well before it is being preached at a Methodist church in Sekinchan the next day. Isn't that great?!

Not enough with the sermon notes, we were given a book, foc. It was a book, not a newsletter mind you.

God bless Rev. Ezra Lok and the work he is doing for the Lord.

p/s - Wisdom Book store will be moving back to the original Methodist building by the end of the year. Do pay a visit there and consider getting books from there. I can assure you that there are many books that you will not be able to find in Salvation, Evangel, Gladsounds, People's Bookstore and Pustaka Sufes.

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sounds like a good place to visit next time I am in KL.

Alex Tang said...

turivansounds like a good place to visit next time I am in KL.