Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Life Revolution, World Vision

Sivin Kit invited me in the Face Book to the event below -

The event is now over. But I believe it will come to KL again next year. To know more of the event, check out the WEBSITE.

I am always curious of what World Vision does. But no harm paying a visit just to get to know. I am always interested with social work, although up till now I still fear the commitment and the tireless work that comes with it. I hope I won't waste to much of my precious time dilly dallying on whether to contribute to the society. If I am sincere of doing something good and meaningful, then by all means do so.

Anyway, went there straight after the Sunday service at Community Baptist Church. Had banana leaf with cell members. As usual, none of them are interested in joining me to event like these. The exhibition is held at DUMC and this is the first time that I visited the church since they moved from their original location from the unused old cinema to a spanking new building at Section 13. The place is big, and I mean real big. With a huge auditorium and two basket ball court. And they even have a huge warehouse at the back, fully equiped with mist sprayer and a canteen. DUMC is easily the largest church within the state of Selangor.

Anyway, back to the exhibition. We are fitted with an ear phone (like those in MPH or Borders) and attached with a MP3 player. Each of the participants are suppose to spend about 20 minutes in the maze which are divided into different stages and we are suppose to move on the different stages according to the instruction given in the MP3 player. There are stories from 3 different countries, which involves 3 different personalities. The way these stories were narrated helps us to delve deep into the life of these 3 individuals. My gf follow the Malaysian AIDS story while I follow the story of a girl sold into prostitution at the age of 14 in Cambodia. The props, the rooms are so real that it strikes fear and sympathy in me.

If you have teenage children or frens, this event is a must. It will help tremendously in educating them. In fact, my eyes were opened with the discrimination suffers by these people. We were not allowed to take any photos and although no one is enforcing this rule, I choose to respect this requirement.

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vinnce6585 said...

Hi there! Thanks for your visit! And glad to meet you here! Well, let me answer your question first. My flute that i bought recently need 15k in ringgit malaysia. But you can get a cheap student model flute from yamaha with only 2k i think. There is no age limits. Just go and learn if you really intereseted.

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