Friday, July 04, 2008

Star Village Western food

Politics, who cares about politics nowadays? Too many twist and turns, screw and unscrew, front and back, better invest the little time I have into more productive works that would really and truly make the world a better place. For example trying new eateries like the one below lol, Star Village Western Food -The decoration looks cheap, but it seems ok, who cares about the decoration anyway...I am a food lover, don't quite give a damn to the decoration...

Whenever I have western food, comparison is always made against F1. So far, no one is able to beat the varieties they (F1) have, the service level and the attention the cook put in, in preparing the food. So they have become a benchmark to me.

One of the best way to test the quality of food is to order the cheapest and most basic dishes they offer. For example, to test a dimsum shop if the are good, just order siew mai, char siew pau and lo mai kei. And if they failed even at those basic ones, well, sayonara, more next time liao, and hope you close down soon.

(actually, that was just an excuse. I am just being stingy !!)

Anyway, here comes our food....
Blackpepper Chicken chop (6 out of 10)

Fish and Chip ( 9 out of 10)

Overall, the food and drinks are acceptable, will visit again. As for the pricing, while we would not say it is cheap, it will be great if they could maintain the price for the next 2 years. Expect this restaurant to have good business in the future (considering the fact that they are the only restaurant offering western food in KD) if they maintain the service level and price.

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