Sunday, July 13, 2008

Flat Unit collapsing....

or so I thought... I started to hear consistent cracking sounds in my PKNS flat unit 2 weeks back. Once in a while there are occasional cracking sounds here and there and I usually ignore it. But this time, the cracking sound continue for the whole night. The next day, it got worst to the extent that the unit exactly underneath ours pay us a visit, trying to find out what exactly is happening.

As the cracking sound continues, we started to fear that the unit is actually on the verge of collapsing. No one knows how to deal with it and both families, choose to escape to the ground floor to avoid any untoward incident.

We called the PKNS and as usual, their efficiency is that of a snail. As we return to our unit, we notice that the TV that is located in the middle of the living room started to move. We run out of our house and do not dare to enter into it again, until a few hours later when the siput babi PKNS staff came to visit. He confirm that it was the mosaic and not the cement. By now, it is evident that the mosaic has risen up like a pimple. The diameter of the raised mosaic is around 5 feet. The peak raised mosaic reaches about 5cm from the cement. What I don't understand is the reason for the raised mosaic. What force causes it to raise up to that level? It is definitely the tiles that expanded, but why is it expending so much faster than the cement?

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