Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thinkin Aloud

I find it necessary for readers of my blog to understand my stand on matters so as minimise any unnecessary misunderstanding and hopefully promote understanding to a certain extent. As distinct individuals we can never agree in totality on all things, but I do hope readers will learn to agree to disagree. Perhaps occasionally, I do employ pretty strong words to describe issues close to my heart, but I will not resort to name calling or derogatory remarks. (But if I do, please write me a gentle reminder lar...) Most of the time, I was just 'Thinkin Aloud'. I would be more than willing to accept argument on the contrary.

God bless.

Below is the reply that was given to Anita Tahir on the May 13 post.

hi anita,

I am sorry to have hurt you. But that was not the intention. I have always reminded myself to be an agent of peace, not hate. Although sometimes my emotions do get the better of me.

Anita, please take the posting as a form of me 'thinking aloud'. The stand that I am taking now can, and will be altered with time. Our life is a journey and as our wisdom grows, so does our view of things around us. I am not proud of my views on Islam nor will I stubbornly maintain such a view should there be reasons for me to think otherwise.

I admit my views are imperfect and there will always be an element of bias. As such, we should always engage each other in our views so as to enlarge our perspective of things. I seek not to change your views, but I seek your understanding and the exchange of it.

I do not think Islam is a full of hate religion. If you know me, you would have know that I have full respect for many muslims...and one of them is Mufti of Perlis, and people like Malik Imtiaz, Haris Ibrahim and many more.

Anita, I hope that you could do some research and fact finding to know why people suggest that Nabi Muhammad is a person with violent conduct. And based on these statement, explain to us where it went wrong. I fervently hope that you won't attempt to shut me off simply. Argue with me intellectually. My ears are open.

As for the May13, I am not presenting another version to you. What I am presenting here is the viewpoint of a victim of May13 (actually the son of ...) . If you re-read my posting again, you would have notice that I did not put the blame on anyone nor did I attempt to suggest the groups(person) behind May13. The fact remains that my father was innocently slashed and left to die by Malays. Do I hold a grudge against Malay? NO! We all are just victim of circumstances and state propaganda by crooked politician for their own hidden agenda.

God created Adam and Eve. He created us equal in His eyes. It's human that try to classify us according to our race, religion and what not.

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