Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why some people stop blogging?

Do you know blogging can sometimes be something that is sad to some people? Now why is that? There are people like me and some blogger friends who turned to the blog to write about whatever that's in our mind. It could be the current emotion, thoughts, perception of issues surrounding us and many other personal stuff which we hope to share with others. But being personal, it also means whatever we wrote would result in some reaction from other parties, and usually these other parties are someone whom we know. Which basically means, if a fren got offended, you cannot just ignore them like an anonymous visitor, neither can you leave it as it is. The same goes to our partner and even siblings.

So basically, bloggers like us always run into these dilemma. We need to write and to voice out our views and emotions. We do hope to solicit some form of response, especially from someone who knows us, but at the same time, we do not wish that whatever we wrote here come to the knowledge of certain people that is close to us......

I know a brother of mine that likes to write and expresses his feelings through blog. But now, he is waiting for his readership to dwindle to Zero, before considering writing again. My guess is that he got his fingers 'burned' from some articles which he put up some time ago. That's another dilemma for bloggers like us. I believe many of us did consider moving house (url), but if that means losing close readers or readers who knows us, that defeat the purpose too!

So the next time when some bloggers you know stopped blogging, the reason could well be that they are still searching for the courage to write what's in their mind and to face the consequences that comes. And these period of searching within ourselves and at the same time not having any outlet at all for our emotions and thoughts can be really killing...

18 days to my wedding and my current mood is - melancholy

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