Friday, June 27, 2008

Korean Missionary Singers - feedback

Just came back from KL. Had a wonderful night of praise and worship. It's been a long long time since I experience such a deep and profound worship. Although it jammed all the way from Puchong to SS2 while on the way to KL, it was worth it. We reached there around 10 minutes past eight.

The praise and worship started 15 to 20 mins late and those precious time allow me to calm down, rest and quite down my heart after all the aggressive driving.

We do not know what to expect, but most of us believe it will be some good performance by singers with strong vocal and great music. We were wrong.

The performance started with one of the member playing the saxophone. That actually sets the mood for the first half of the performance. It was soulful and then the singing begins. The first 5 songs are mostly sung in Korean, with English lyrics. We could follow some of them, but most of us would prefer to listen to the performance instead of participating. There are three singers, with one worship leader. The musicians consist of the Piano/keyboard, saxophone, electric guitar, drum and finally, a violin. Certain part of the songs are sometimes accompanied by only one instrument and that allows us to appreciate the instrument further and it does not feel too 'noisy'.

Then come the songs, one after another soulful rendition of praise and worship in english. Although I do not attend english praise and worship that much, I could actually sing almost 90% of the songs. (KL Wesley are mostly liturgical worship singing hymn with no drums, no chorus repetitions and limited clapping) I guess I learned most of these songs from the two years attending the Kota Damansara Chinese Methodist Church.

There are very few songs that would touch my heart every time I sing in church (one of them is the Lord's Prayer). And surprisingly they sung one after another the very songs that would wet my eyes on most days. I sing along whenever possible and when it touches too deep, I would just bow my head and feel the presence of God. No, it was not self inflicted and I don't even need to try to enter into 'that' mood - the feeling just come naturally with the music and the singing.

They are young talented singers and are terribly tired from the singing in Penang, Ipoh, Setiawan, Kampar and now KL. But according to the Korean Pastor, they are spiritually becoming stronger. Their next stop is Seremban. Every year, these same people would dedicate a portion of their time to perform in 10 churches overseas. Malaysia is lucky enough to have them here this year.

Towards the last half and hour of the performance, the tempo got faster. Now, they belt out one after another songs that have faster beat. Again, I am lucky enough to know most of these songs. For the first time I started to sing my hearts out, raising my hand and moving my body. I am even clapping with purpose. ( prior to this, for most of the praise and worship I participated, I somehow feel I was pressured to clap :P )

I could feel the whole congregation and the singers are worshiping together as one. They are very good in not letting the momentum slow down by combining various songs so well that we could follow almost effortlessly.

I was tired and hungry and thirsty, but I find myself not being able to stop singing. Even as I was having my dinner at SS2 an hour after that, I still find myself clapping or tapping my thigh enthusiastically. Very child like....hehe...

Finally, thank God for granting me this opportunity to praise, worship and experience You. May this period help me and all those who attended to come closer to You.

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Bengbeng said...

it sounds like a wonderful worship service. i wish they were coming over. but to b honest, I am not good with people and so I dread going to services with lots of people.

Chicken Feet aka KaKiaYam said...

beng beng, emm....i guess i understand your feeling on this.

i am not particularly good with people too... and part of the reason why i attend services in churches of large congregation is due to the fact that there are just too many people and more often than not, we are left alone....hehe

if the church is small, it's very easy for other church members to recognised unfamiliar faces, and that's when concerned brothers or sisters approach and have conversation with us...

not that we attend church and yet at the same time avoid fellowship, but I am the kind of shy shy type...

of course, one could call that inferiority complex or worse, unsociable, but i will just label myself as being a reserved person.

having said that, over the years, i have understood the importance of fellowship. while we may not be of the same frequency as many people, there will definately be a group of people that share similar thoughts like us....i know there exist such a group and will continue to search for harm trying...

Good day beng beng...