Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pontian Salted Fish is suffering and I feel sorry for her....

Pontian Salted Fish has been feeling sad and angry for the past few weeks. She was transferred to another department within her own company. She used to do accounting but now, she does clerical work. And worse of it all, she has a superior that acts like a pure ass hole. She is required to work late into the night (usually 9pm, sometimes to midnight). She even works during public holiday and weekends. The superior will insist that they work OT to finish all that is to finish but yet refuses to acknowledge the amount of claimable OT at the end of the month. Her new superior is well known to scream at the subordinates now and then, usually in the full presence of other colleagues. She will cancels applied leave as and when she likes it. She will even insist on you coming back to the office to handover all the jobs for the day if you happen to be on MC. That's the person that I mentioned about in my previous post.

Pontian Salted Fish is sad and angry that bad things always happen to her. She was happily working in the Accounts department of the company for more than a year, when the new MD suddenly transfered several staff to another department. She could not understand the rationale for doing this. This was done, when the company is moving towards the implementation of SAP. There goes the chances to learn more or actually learn something, she laments.

Why are bad things always happening to her? I am baffled, as much as her. She has worked as an accounting staff for several companies and yet every time, were assigned to clerical work. Whenever the opportunity to learn arises, she just lose it to others due to policy changes or even becoming temporary stand in for pregnant colleagues. These sort of things repeated several times in different companies! God, is that a joke or what?

It seems to her, she is destined to be a clerical staff. Although she has been in the accounting line for several years now, yet she cannot boast of any real accounting experience. She feel that all things are working against her and that she has very very little to offer if she were to change industry or job. She lamented that she has seen many younger people who are given so many opportunities to learn and progress in their career. Why can't she be one of them? Why is God being so unfair to her? That's the question she always ask me, which I have no ready answer.

She is not the smartest one around, but I can vouched that she is very responsible in her work and a diligent worker. But who will give her that opportunity? Her confidence and self worth is at her lowest. Anyone out there that can propose a meaningful job for her in PJ or JB? Anyone can suggest any change in industry?

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myop101 said...


I thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed upon me. Lord, as I look on Pontian Salted Fish, I am ashamed of the many things I take for granted in life. I lament and complain to Thee at times not knowing there are such like Pontian Salted Fish that deserves more blessing than me. Father, I have sinned against You. Lord, I come before Thee seeking your mercy and ask for your forgiveness. May the blood of Christ wash me of this sin where I demand out of pride and forgetting to thank you always.

Lord, I come at this time to pray for Pontian Salted Fish. Her suffering I do not understand. Yet Lord, many times in your mercy and timing, you revealed to me the need for patience and faith. Father, bestow then upon Pontian Salted Fish the same patience and faith. Yet Lord, as she struggles please oh Lord show her mercy. Lord, though I fear yet you have spoken in your word, we should bear one another's burden. So Father, I ask this day that I be allowed to bear Pontian Salted Fish burdens Lord. I do it in obedience and I ask for a measure of strength as I undergo this. I pray Lord that the purpose for this suffering and seeking Your will will come to pass Lord.

I commit Pontian Salted Fish unto thy hands Lord. I thank you again for your mercy and love in revealing this blog to me. Amen.

suituapui said...

"I always complained I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet." Our lives may not be a bed of roses but there are others who are worse off than us, so we should always give thanks for the little blessings that come my way. Accept all in His name as penance for our sins...remember that "...just because He doesn't answer doesn't mean He don't care. Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers." (from Garth Brooks' Unanswered Prayers)

Unreasonable Girl said...

Why i always tell you my problems, it is because i want to share with you what was happened in my life, you are not responsible to solve my problems, you can never make things correct, but at least a good listener you can be.
When i having problems, i need someone who is more stronger than me, give me strength to go through in difficult period, but seem like you are more weaker than me.
May be the partner i need, is not a person can make revenge for me, but is the one who can help me win in difficult time.