Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dave's Wedding...

Attended Dave's wedding yesterday. The first thing that catch my attention was the apple. I have a strong urge to take a bite. Not trying to be funny, but I really do. The next memorable thing was the flower bearer. Then the next was when Dave sang to the bride right before the handing over of the bride by her father. I regret not taking an additional sweater as I totally froze the moment he starts to sing. Seems like nowadays, the groom will consistently sings to the bride during the march to the altar. I hope to do something different come my turn. To do something similar would risk being labelled a copycat by the bride, not to do the same would mean an even bigger risk.

The praise and worship period was good. The sermon (or rather message as it was rather short..) by Soo Inn, was interesting. He mention that it is natural for a man or woman to be attracted to a different person other than the wife/husband even after being married. To be married does not mean we would not be attracted with people around us. To be married does not mean that people around us will not be attracted by us in some way. He assured us that it is natural to have such a feeling.

He does not eloborate further on this, but it does make me feel reassured that this is natural. This message means a lot and in a different way with different people, I guess. For me, this means that when I am attracted to another women whether due to her personality or looks, it does NOT mean I married the wrong person, or that I choosen the wrong soul mate, or that I should begin to love less on my partner and start to develop the feeling of love to the one I am attracted to, currently. This message means a lot to me, indeed.

And then comes the free food! Took a lot of prawn, I love prawn cook this way ( I take the whole thing in without peeling off the shells..hehe )

Saw, Alexa. I did not greet her. But that does not means I do not wish to. I have this problem of being shy, or wondering would the other party remembers me. It is my problem definately. But I got a wonderful oppurtunity during the reception. I was sitting there comfortably and she can't get any available seats. I gather enough courage and went up to her and offered mine. We manage to strike up a conversation and she still remembers my name!... Phew...Pastor Alexa,...if you are reading apology for my snubbiness...

Went to the evening dinner late by 10 minutes and surprised to see that I am much too early....haiyar....this is gonna be a late dinner...

Was very thankful for the arrangement of table 46. I am the sole alien at the table, but both of my immediate neighbours make me feel so much at ease with their friendliness. Thank God. Have a wonderfull fellowship throughout the dinner. Brother Yong, we spoke in Mandarin and talk a lot about church, praise and worship styles. We did a lot of sharing, together with Stephanie, his gf. His analogy that the weekly sermon is like a food that is meticulously prepared by the pastor as heavenly food that will sustain us for the coming week. What a wonderful way to describe it brother Yong.
Brother Tieh, is a fine gentlement, extremely soft spoken and he is a lawyer and he participated in the March! I would have stood up in full attention and saluting him like a general. We talked a lot about KL Wesley and his hometown at Setiawan. ooo...I had a memorable trip to Setiawan recently, and will be going over there this coming Nov for Hew's wedding. Both he and his wife reminded me to have the Mee Suah, and to go to the swamp and mountain trekking the next time I am there. These brothers and sisters in Christ was so easy going that I feel like attending CDPC in the near future!

It was a day well spent, with good food and fellowship. Dave, congratulations!

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