Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Star - A paper fit for the toilet

Captured below are the pages with the Main section of The Star paper today (Saturday 06 Oct 2007). It's been a long time since I bought the paper, part of the reason was due to it's lack of integrity and courage so obvious in it's writtings. Now, it even stoop lower. Just take a good look at the captured pages below. What do you see?

Hey, you people at The Star, you know the meaning of Shame? I bought the paper at RM1.50 just to look at your full page advertisements page after page? There are at most two news items for two pages and the remaining 70% of the space is taken up by advertisements. You can be the gov mouthpiece due to political pressure, but surely you could compensate that by dishing our more informative contents and well written articles? You guys are corrupted! Don't you know that a lot of malaysians depend on you to educate and motivate them?

It will take me a long time to buy The STAR again. Maybe, yea maybe, when I run out of vegetable wrapper, and I may even think twice due to your low quality paper!

oh, there are more, just too lazy to upload all to the blog. but you should get the idea. The only thing that really surprises me was that NOT A SINGLE page was spare. Not one.

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