Monday, June 25, 2007

Thanks for your COMPLIMENTS!!

Overly serious, too few photos, too little 'interesting' topic, too critical - these are the 'compliments' I receive from people around me. They would prefer me to put up more nice/interesting/wierd photos, discuss on nice place/food and write less on politics, social issues and religion.

Some are surprised that I am so bothered with the social situation in our country, some ask why am I so critical of others. emm...yea...i have to admit the topics which I blogs on are more on these issues. Maybe you guys are right, I should write more pleasant things, more cute photos and perhaps some updates on sales and promotion, latest movies ...anything that is not confrontational, not depressing, ... . . . . just nice.

Will try, but I will not stop myself to blog on issues which I feel extremely passionate of. Of course I would like to have more readers, but that's not my main priority. Here's a reward to those who have been complimenting me on my blog!!!! Click here!

2 anak ayam bother to comments:

Alex Tang said...

hi chicken feet,

I enjoy reading your blog.

Pontian Salted Fish said...

One person likes to watch interesting things, just like you prefer to write about political issues, there is nothing wrong with it, just that, as a human, it is not a good way to live, if 100% concentrate on one thing, there are a lot of other things we can do in our life.

We need to appreciate good things and understand why the bad things happenned, it is not take for granted on good things, and put on fire on bad things.

Anywhere, from your blog, i understand what was happenned in our country, because i hardly believe the local newspaper, which is not possible to know the authenticity.

As a small malaysia citizen, i really sad when i understand the truth. I cannot imagine what our future will be, but one thing i'm very sure is that i should appreciate every thing in our life.