Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Genting HighlyPolluted-land?

It's funny that for the past 7 or 8 years studying and then working in Selangor, I have never been to Genting Highland. In fact, I have never been to anywhere. I have only been there once, when I was a child at the tender age of 2 or 3. I have heard many tales from friends about Genting but never have I attempted a trip there. I wonder was it due to lack of budget or just plain laziness...?

Nevertheless, on the last day of 2006, we drove..... aimlessly. Initially, I had wanted to locate Templer's park, not to picnic, but just to venture on that particular road and hopefully be able to enjoy some lush grennery. Unsure on the correct route, we exited at the Batu Caves and proceed towards Ulu Yam. We reached there soon after and were glad to pass through a huge pond(dam?) and some nice country road. Soon after, we passed through Ulu Yam and we feel so comfortable seeing all the village houses and people. Personally, I prefer slow pace village life.

We continue to drive on until we reach Batang Kali. We intend to turn back and have our dinner at Ulu Yam but were surprised to see a sign stating -> Genting Highland 23km

We then thought...why not? Up we go and it wasn't that difficult a route. It was pretty hazy up there and we wind down our window occasionally to enjoy the fresh air outside.

We didn't spend too long a time at Genting itself as it was packed with peoples. My overall impression of Genting is simple - Dirty and the air smells Polluted
This was no exaggeration, everywhere we go, we smell cigarette smoke even in the open air area. And we notice that the whole place is in urgent need of a thorough cleaning. It's pretty obvious things over there are not well maintain(if ever). Compare Genting with Puduraya, I will say Puduraya fares better!

I guess I will need a real good reason to ever visit Genting again. But then again, we were gladly surprised that parkings over there are free...!

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