Saturday, November 04, 2006

Lazy bum bum?

Gosh, been a month since I last update this. Life has been very busy lately, rushing for the completion of a project, but it's wrapping up soon. In total, I have passed the project deadline by 3 weeks. My boss has been very unhappy about this, he stated that the project is a loss as he expected me to complete the project within a month.

Well, I tried not to be affected by his remarks....i shouldn't be. It is he who came out with the highly unrealistic time frame and it is he who quoted that amount to the customer. So who's error is this? He knows the level of complexity of the project and he knows that the project is something which both of us, even as experience engineers, has never undertaken before. So with all these unknown variables, he still proceed to underquote and underestimate the timeline?

I guess, that's the problem when you're working in a small company that are not financially sound. The bosses will grab any project that comes along, regardless of it's insane low margin coupled with a highly unrealistic timeframe. I don't mind working hard for the company, but do show some appreciation on their part by not blaming me for the late handover. I have been taking all that is being thrown to me, without complaining. I started work at 8.30 and only go home at around 7.30. Back home I continue to slog for another 2 hours before sleep. To me, I have done my part. Right now, 2 more projects will be coming in, all within a month. All these are extremely low margin project with tight deadline, projects that others are not willing to do. To me, it's really bad marketing and management planning.

It's like hiring of an engineer to do an operator job. This means the engineer will have to do 3 times faster than a normal operator to at least cover his own engineer salary. Now, whose problem is that?

There won't be any review of salary after recent confirmation and that means they seriously underpaid me, yet expects me to treat the company like my one and only home?

The way I see it, the company will be in deep shit by early next year when there are no projects coming in. As for me, I will continue to work hard, not ridiculously hard. There should be a balance between private life and working life. But at the same time, I come again!!!

Note : I am not a job hopper, and I don't shy away from work challenges. But if you think I am just another lazy bum-bum wanting to do the least and yet with a big fat salary, then write me! Perhaps I will learn a thing or two...

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Anonymous said...

Come on, my friend, as you expected, this is almost similar culture whenever working in a small company.

I don't mean bad choice to serve in this kind of organization, but in another hand I would say that why don't give youself a chance to work in bigger or multinational organization. Yes, this is truth not easy to find a good position in those company especially R&D, but I do believe there always apportunity there.

The world is now flat, man power are moving across country and region, i.e. people whose are really have "something" in his/her knowledge or skill, I don't think they'd problem in looking for suitable position (even higher compensation) that allow them unleash their talent.

So, don't restrict yourself and don't feel guilty in hunting for your future. Let's think about, how many more years you're going to waste your time/effort in serving for those unorganized company.