Thursday, April 17, 2008

Splitting my blog

Guys / Gals, I will be relocating part of this blog to another blog.

After getting used to blogspot for more than a year, I find it tedious in learning new ways of doing things and adapting to limitations inherent in Wordpress. But I feel it is necessary to separate those that are personal with those hard hitting and critical opinion pieces.

I think overall Wordpress is better in terms of categorising and managing a blog. But it lacks the ability to add pictures and other fancy stuff at the side bar. There are also (in wordpress) other capabilities like password protecting post and classifying certain post as private.

So which is which ? - local politics, social, opinion pieces, hard hitting, confrontational and thinking aloud stuff.. - personal reflection, food, trip, etc.

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Alex Tang said...

now, which one shall I read...decisions, decisions.