Monday, December 17, 2007

The passing away of a fren...

It is hard to accept death. It is even harder to accept the death of a fren. And it is terribly difficult to accept the death of a fren, in such a abrupt manner. This fren of mine used to be my college mate during those difficult but memorable Adorna days. We were never close, but we do speak whenever we happen to bump into each other. He come across as a pretty brash and loud mouth. But the impression he gave me was that of a straightforward, honest and unpretentious person.

His passing away sent me a chilling thought that I am not doing enough in keeping in touch with my friends in Penang and elsewhere. I have many memories in Penang, with the good ones heavily surpassing the not so pleasing ones.

I am surprised that his death has such an impact on me. Out of a sudden, I kind of lose hope on many things. I started to see things in a temporal manner. I have a sudden urge to eat all my favourite hawker food, visit all those familiar places and give a hug to those people that I have not seen for a long time. As if, out of a sudden, I am engulf with a end of the world feeling.

And I ask Lord, bless Han Chiou soul Lord.
Lord, we pray that you will be there to console his family and to help them to rebuild their life again. Lord, we pray that we will always remember this fren of us and be reminded that life on earth is only temporal and was not meant to be eternal. Our ultimate confidence and hope is in You where all things will be made to be perfect again, where Joy will be eternal. Lord we pray that you will bless Han Chiao soul and we pray that you will strengthen his family in this time of grief. We ask all these in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ.

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