Sunday, November 04, 2007

She's Pregnant

Yes, she is. Roughly about two to three months. This is a big issue. She hesitated in telling me initially, as she is unsure. But now, the ultrasound shows everything clearly. It is confirmed.

The biggest problem now is that the boss refuse to grant her maternity leave. She was given two option, one, to take unpaid leave for two months, else, resign. To be frank, I think this is inhumane. After this episode, I have little respect left for my doctorate boss. Just like he has little respect for people who believes in God and subcribe to a particular religion, now, I have only sympathy for him.

To me, it is clear that it is not the workflow interruption within the company, rather it is just a matter of money. He felt the money paid for such a leave is inappropriate. The boss did the same for the previous receptionist cum clerk. I thought he would have grown in wisdom in due time, but I was wrong. What if one day, I become an easily replaceable resource? Will I share the same manner of treatment? Please bear in mind that these are the people who can easily spend a few hundreds on wine/beer and food on anyday.

My reasoning is simple, if you do not wish to provide Maternity Leave according to the Labour Act of Malaysia, then that should be clearly written in the Terms and Conditions. At least, the applicant should be inform prior to the joining of the company. Otherwise, hire those that are past child bearing age. But they did none of that and they are very firm on that decision. Cruel? yea...but the feeling are more towards dissapointment on these two bosses of mine. They are fine gentlement, have the best education, good family background, extremely educated, one Doctorate, while another double degree. I thought I know them, I thought I understand them...I thought these are the bosses that I can work for at least 10 years down the road. Clearly, I was wrong.

Well, I guess God is telling me that I should move on...

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irene said...

She can report the company to the Labour Department. It is required by law to give maternity leave -- it's not an option! They cannot state it in the terms and conditions because putting it in black and white would get them into trouble!