Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Doctor Knows Best....or was it?

I have always hated doctors......
no, no, i mean i am always been suspicious of doctors...and i always view them with distrust...
ok ok..maybe not...i was just exaggerating..

went to do a blood test at Klinik Selva to measure my Free T3, T4 and TSH level. Met a wonderful doctor who tries to assume a know-all attitude. Well this is what he did -

- Insist that I consult him again to interpret the results when it's out
He actually insist on a date for me to consult him again. FYI, different doctors are assigned to different branch on different days of the week.
Not to sound proud, but after reading my blood test report for so many times during these 3-4 years of suffering from hyperT, I am pretty confident of interpreting it myself. Especially on the relationship between TSH and T3/T4.

- Reprimanded me for not consuming (stopping) hormone supressing drug (Prophythiouracil)
Why shouldn't I? This drug is alien to my body. If my hormone reading is stabilised, why not try to wean it off? The longer I depend on this drug, the higher the chance that I will depend on it throughout my life. I do not want my body to adept to this drug and I do not want my liver to suffer. To continue consuming this drug is the most idiotic to do, I mean at least we should try to wean it off and see if there would be any relapse. There are no documentation to say that any relapse will have disastrous effect. In fact, in the event the symptoms comes back, I will just consume the drug again.

- Frightening me that the thyroid nodules will turn cancerous if I stop the medication
This is the first time I hear this argument. Never in my reading have I encounter the mention of any relationship between stopping medication and encouraging the growth of cancerous cells. The medication does not deals with the gland, but rather deals with the hormone. The medication only reduce the effect of the increase in the hormone.

- Chided me when i relax my hand after the needle was inserted into the vein during blood taking. Well, this is not the first time blood is taken from me. For most of the time, I was ask to relax after the needle is inserted and blood is flowing out nicely. I still remember the auntie in Johor Specialist whose primary job function is blood taking. She will want me to relax my hand after the insertion of the needle.

I have a terrible distrust of doctors. And I particularly dislike those that thinks that we still lives in 20 years back where patients ask few questions and will be glad to follow every word from the doctor's mouth like Heaven's command. Most doctors will be pissed off when we ask questions and needed clarification. It seems we as the patients don't have to know and following instructions will be the most sensible thing to do. ..............................My foot!

Throughout my life, I have encountered bad doctors, doctors that gives the wrong advice, doctors that does unnecessary procedure for money sake, doctors that are too proud to admit that they are not sure and don't know. Suddently I still have a strong urge to walk up to Dr. Diong office in JSH and a certain Dr. Ho (bowtie) in Sunway Hospital and tell them -

You suck in your JOB!
Latest Update
- Free T3 and T4 reading are within range
- TSH is still at the lower end of the range. I guess, my body is still trying to find the right balance. Or could it be the residue effect of the drug?

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irene said...

A lot of doctors do shoddy jobs or don't know their stuff. I've watched my dad at work and when I go to see other doctors, I can see how my dad is much more thorough and careful than they are. Especially the GPs. Ugh.

Alex Tang said...

I am sorry that you have had such bad experiences with doctors. Let me assure you that there are also good ones around.

kaki.ayam said...

Dr. Alex - There are, there are. Just that there are as many lousy doctors as good ones out there.

I don't mind being treated my inexperienced doctors (i am a lousy engineer too!), but if one is so poor in diagnosing and at the same time insist that the treatment is right...well, they deserve all the scoldings from the patients...

By the way, I hope Dr. Diong is not reading my post...hehe...

I consider myself the lucky one. Dr. Diong is the first doctor I approached (recommendation from the front desk, now i know why they recommend Dr. Diong) to treat my hyperT. Two days after discharge, I became totally paralysed (for a day actually)
One of my relative who also happen to suffers from hyperT are not as lucky as me. Dr. Diong insist on performing lumbar puncture (i hope i got this right..) on him. According to him, that was the most 'joyful' thing he ever experienced. Less than an hour after the procedure, he blood work came back to show he is suffering from hyperT. So the terrible pain that he endures, not forgetting the money spend on that procedure comes to nothing.

Only God knows why he insist on doing lumbar puncture when all the symptoms point to hyperT. JSH blood work report turnaround time at 1 hour are pretty consistent, IMO.

Having said that, I saw my temporary paralysis as a blessing in disguise. Ever since the pastor came and pray for me on that day, the journey to know and understand our Lord begins...

As I lay there unable to lift even a finger, I felt He touches me and ask me why I rejected Him. I guess, this is a question which I would only ponder upon in that helpless state of mine.

So I guess, I should thank Dr. Diong instead....whoa haha.....