Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lina Joy, we salute you...

A sad day for Malaysia indeed. For many, the day passed like any other day. Quite a number of my frens are not bothered at all on what transpired at the Federal court. Most are just busy with their daily life, making more money to do whatever they wanted to do. Such is the attitude of most Malaysians, 'tidak apa' or couldn't care less attitude.

One of my fren even suggested that Lina Joy's boyfriend convert to islam if he loves her. My boss mentioned that he is not bothered with the verdict, only those so called 'religious' people like me are overly concerned about it. To me, he is religious too, just that he 'faithfully' believes that there's no God at all in this world. It's ironic that he didn't see through it. While he always cited science and the concept/theory of evolution, he just forget that all the advancement and findings in science has up to now has, in no way disapprove the existence of God entirely. More on that on other day.

The main issue here then is about religious freedom, about the maintaining a secular Malaysia, about the supremacy of the Federal Constitution.

If you think this is about Muslim affairs which has nothing to do with us, non-muslims, then you are wrong. The tide of islamisation is rising. If we have the intention of not moving to a higher ground (migrate) then we should find ways to stop the rising tide. Stops whatever you are doing and ponder on things around us, look at how islamisation is creeping into each and every aspect of our life.
  • Look at how the Bodohwi gave his approval on forcing non-muslim policewoman wearing tudung,
  • Look at how the syllabus for the History in secondary school are altered from World History and Civilisation to only Islamic Civilisation,
  • Look at how the religious officers snatch bodies that they suspect to be muslims without even showing the necessary prove,
  • Look at how families are torn apart by the islamic authorities when one party is an unwilling muslim,
  • Look at how they try so hard to encourage others to convert through various devious ways and means,
  • Look at how much a sense of justice they display - a perverted one though,
  • Islam in Malaysia.
There will be more write-ups in Malaysiakini, and in MalaysiaToday, but my opinion is that it will be very difficult to stem this rising Islamisation of every spheres of our life, if non-muslims fail to see the significance of this ruling today.

If by the time one feels the stings and discrimination of being a non-muslim, it may be too late to do much. We can only reap what we sow if we make an effort to remove what we do not want to reap.

Remember this -

"The road to Auschwitz was built by hate, but paved with indifference."

Sir Ian Kershaw

Lina Joy, we salute you for your steadfastness in your faith, and courage. We salute you for daring to challenge the establishment to seek the God given justice. Whether justice is served or otherwise, we know you have utilised all God given strength and faith to do your the best.

It's not the destination, but the journey that counts. You have run a good race.

God bless.

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