Thursday, September 21, 2006

A consistently paralysing Day-Dreamer

Pardon me for the stupid phrase. :P

Wanted to write something about the response of Muslims to the Pope statements. But what purpose will it serve? Besides, what enlightening comments can I provide when I have difficulty understanding more than half of the speech? A voice reminds me...

" You are not there yet..(and may never be)... so stop dreaming that you can think and write critically! Don't act smart, OK! ..."

ha ha...I have always know that I am a consistent paralysing day-dreamer... (i just can't stop myself day dreaming of being someone or doing something that I am not!)

Having said that, in my personal opinion, I strongly feel that the Pope speech was not meant to condemn Islam. The main focus of the speech is definately not that. But still many people choose NOT to see the obvious...and in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh, one of our local bloggers actually provided an 'intellectual discource' here...

My vocab is limited, what does 'intellectual discourse' means? intellectual i know lar...but what is discourse? A check on my dic shows this -
discourse- formal and orderly and usually extended expression of thought on a subject conclusion to this 'intellectual discourse' by this foul mouth blogger is simple - a terrible waste of time. It's obvious that no attempt is made to analyse the entire speech. The whole 'intellectual discourse' only centers around the offending words and justifying his own religion.

Reading the comments of these religious radicals and extremist (as do racist and apportunistic politician..) somehow sends a strong reminder to me that I am sinfully wasting my time and should instead try to avail myself in doing God's work.

Anyway, some informative link and some good arguments -

Link 1 - Full text speech of Pope Benedict

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Link 5 - How we should respond

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