Sunday, August 13, 2006

Of Blessing, Emotions and Information - A dilemma

Hope the title doesn't sound pretentious. After successfully setting up the blog a week ago, I am now in a dilemma. I need to decide on what kind of content should I focus on in my blog. Well, I have never thought much on that before I started, as I thought this is my blog and the contents are up to me. In other words, the blog will be the daily, end of the day recycle bin of my emotion and issues surrounding me. It can also be a notice board for events and it can also be a place to disseminate information. Information itself could be many types too. It could be politics, religion and social.

To cut this short this dilemma comes after Pontian-Salted-Fish complained to me that the topics of discussion are too serious, not engaging and most important of all, not a blessing to those who happens to visit it. To received a comment like that from Pontian-Salted-Fish is like a big slap on the face... :)

Now, to say that I don't give a damn whether anyone visited by blog, is a Big lie. (my vocab is limited, any other suggestions to replace 'damn'?) But that is not the main reason for setting up a blog. It cannot be. So what is my main objective? Do I want to be a notice board? Is this blog a place for me to voice out my opinion to current issues, which are usually unpleasant? Or do I want my blog to be a blessing to others? Or why not 3-in-1, a combination of everything?

Reading Aisehman Blog and Malaysiakini are my favourite pastimes. Needless to say, one can become extremely distressed seeing where our country is heading. Reading from these sites are like taking a peep at the real world while living in an imaginary world. (think about the Matrix) It is difficult to be quite when our leaders are lying to the country without shame. It is hard to tolerate those manipulative and opportunist politicians that are willing to do anything to be popular and rich. ( think about KJ and Nazri and the Fat woman with the Gucci bag )
Reading the main stream paper and listening to politician speech are never the same again.

But then, politicians come and go. Should we be bothered by these temporary things. Should we be distracted by all these and lose our sight in doing the really important things? Thing that are more permanent and eternal and hence meaningful?

What does the Bible teach in respect to government and politics?

Did Jesus with His widespread influence, spearhead any groups to overthrow the Roman Empire? Are Jesus concern on who rule the land or did He show any concern with current issues of that time? In my limited knowledge of the Bible, the answer is NO. He came to teach and is the blessing for people that comes to him. Indeed many a times, it is He who goes to the people. He provided physical and spiritual healing. He becomes the messenger of Love. The Gospel may be short, but it's message are more than enough to tell us on how to lead our life. It may seems simple to some, but one would come to appreciate it more as we read it again and again. The Gospel reminds me on what should the focus of my life be.

One of the books in Bible which I have read a few times is the Book of Ecclesiates. I guess that is also a good reminder on where to search for direction in our life and warn us of all that is meaningless! From now onward, I would blog less on issues in Politics and anything with regard to our present Goverment. It would be very difficult, so be patient with me.

May my blog be blessing to you.

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irene said...

Hi Chicken Feet, glad to see you blogging! ;)

You may be surprised at how God might use your writings to bless others. At the times when I felt discouraged and wrote about my struggles on my blog, I found that others were still blessed because they too were struggling and they discovered that they were not alone. It was ironic. At that point I thought I had nothing to give anybody but it turns out that God still brought something beautiful out of it.

I think being 'real' is one of the most important factors... being yourself. I would suggest you write about anything which engages your interest :) Because when you write about something which interests you, your passion will come through the words and that's what will attract people.

Like you said, it all depends on your reasons for starting a blog. Some people use it to rant and release tension, others use it to let friends know what is happening in their lives, yet others use it to note down links and info which they find interesting, and others use it as a place to voice out their ideas and discuss issues with like-minded people. Everybody is different.