Sunday, August 20, 2006

Gain aplenty !

What an exhibition! I was refering to the on-going exhibition in PGRM Cheras. There are so many book stores, so many books, bibles and CD's. Many of these are offered with discounts of up to 20%. Now let see what I got, a bible for PontianSaltedFish, some testimony (carefully selected to avoid damage control later on...ha ha ) CD's, and plenty of free booklets and free CD's from the RBC stall.

The Chinese bible (ESV version) cost about RM24 while the two CD's cost RM5 each. And not forgetting the book Mere Christianity (Chinese version) that cost me around RM36 from Pustaka Sufes. It was not an easy decision. In fact I was already outside the hall when I decided that it would be very difficult to find the same book again, at that price specifically. The last I checked, it cost at least RM46. Pretty dried up this month especially when I will be visiting my parents back in JB this merdeka holiday. But these oppurtunity doesn't come always. Besides, if it is not the book, it would be spend on a particular cantonese audio CD which a sister strongly recommended. (and all these audio CD's are at 20%!!!, where to find!!!!) I loved the book and it would be a great blessing to share it together with PontianSaltedFish. (then i wouldn't have to do that much explaining! whoa ha ha!) But wonder how good is the translation, I guess it would be pretty decent since it was done by a Prof. Timothy from H.K.

I think part of the reason why I truly enjoyed myself at the exhibition is due to the fact that people over there are very friendly. Most of them are not there for the sake of business, at least this is the way i see it. Imagine, one of the staff at a particular stall spend 15 minutes explaining the local produced testimony CD. Test it and play it out for me to see. The CD itself cost only a mere RM5. Very helpfull indeed!

And not forgetting the RBC stall!!! The staff there are tremendously helpful. It's a must visit stall. They have plenty of discovery series booklets. The best thing is that for every English booklet, they will have the corresponding Chinese booklet. One booklet which I find it extremely helpful is the Discovery Series Bible Study - How Can I Understand the BIBLE? It reminds us to read the Bible in context. Some quote from the preface -

"Ripped from context, noble words can be filled with an evil spirit" ,

"Context. If the immediate and wider contexts are not considered, a person can make the Bible say anything he wants to say"

If anyone of you need either the Chinese or English version of this booklet, send me a personal mail. I will post it to you. As usual, RBC booklet are not thick, just short and sweet. The RBC counter also have free CD's. I have got the Hymns of Praise and Wonder (an Instrumental music of traditional hymns). Anyone that need a copy of that, do inform me, I will burn one for you, seriously...

PontianSaltedFish bought something for herself too, some decorative items and some key chains...

All in all, this is a great blessing...hopefully they will have similar exhibition again in the coming year...

Take care everyone and let's have a productive week ahead. God bless.

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