Saturday, August 05, 2006

Disclaimer 1, 2, 3....

Pretty wierd to start off my first post with this subject.

Let me put this straight. The links included on the right side has nothing to do with my blog. I have never ask for their permission.

(and if any of the owner of these blogs wants me remove the respective link, pls do so ...)

These are blogs which I frequented, which (if i may) recommend to visitors as I find them useful and informative. Including these link are in no way suggesting that I am of the same level in morality and much less in the same league of knowledge as them. I am after all still an old guy struggling with my sinful self for every day the Lord has allowed me to live.

To all my friends, feel free to put forward your comments. Words of encouragement will be great and words of reprimanding will be accepted. Lastly, may this blog attract like minded people to share emotions, feeling, opinions and information.

Sign Off with this message on my key chain which follows me everywhere I go, as a reminder of course!
Patience with others is - Love,
Patience with self is - Hope,
Patience with God is - Faith

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